We are sorry! Tonight's show is CANCELED! "A Nordic Sound" . March 7. 8pm-10pm

At: The Heights at Brother Vic's

920 Oakridge drive, south Salem, NY 10590

No cover charge :)

Next concert...

"A Nordic Sound" 19 piece jazz orchestra performing March 28 at The Heights at Brother Vic's  

8:00pm - 10:15pm

920 Oakridge Dr. South Salem, NY 10590

Special guests: "Weston High School Big Band"

Talent Inspire Talent performers

Young Performers that have, or will appear, with a Nordic Sound's Talent Inspire Talent program are:

Adrian Dunkin, Drums. Stephen Blinder, Steel Drums and Vibraphone.

Madeline Winters, Vocal.

Miles Singer, Tenor Sax. Hamden Highschool Big Band 1. Hamden Ct

Trumpets, Simon Pinela - senior, Matt Pauly - senior. Trombone, Henry Gelperin - senior. 

Alto, Jack Duenzl - senior

Declan Harding, Tenor Sax. Staples Highschool, Westport Ct

Bennet Daponte Smith, Guitar, Stratford Ct

Drew Cohen, Alto Sax. Staples Highschool, Westport Ct

Dominic, Trumpet.