Talent Inspiring Talent

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide talented young musicians with the opportunity to perform with, and learn from, the accomplished Nordic Sound Jazz Orchestra, and in so doing, help them reach for higher performance levels and to broaden the vision of what they can acheive.

How We Work With Educators and Students

  • Providing opportunities for select students to perform with A Nordic Sound during the Jazz Club Series at the The Heights at Brother Vic's (The Heights)
  • Scheduling school jazz ensembles to perform a short set during the Jazz Club Series at The Heights
  • Provide exceptional high school students with an opportunity to play in  A NORDIC SOUND YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA
  • Critiquing  school's jazz band rehearsals before competitions / festivals
  • Coaching jazz band sectionals, instrumentalists and / or ensembles
  • Holding preparation clinics on competitive programs, such as all-state regionals
  • Performing for entire schools or music programs
  • Supplementing concerts with "Ringers"
  • Providing compositions and arrangements for student ensembles.

What You Can Do

  • Send a note to  Info@anordicsound.org  explaining your interest, and we will get back to you ASAP to see how we can customize our offering to meet your needs.
  • Donate to support the program through the "Donate Button" below  or by sending a check made out to "A Nordic Sound", P.O. Box 992, Georgetown, CT 06829-0992
  • Scroll to bottom of home page to submit email requests and find more contact information

Dear Old Stockholm

"A Nordic Sound" performing "Dear Old Stockholm. Arranged and conducted by: Jens Wendelboe. Featuring Stephen Blinder (17) on Vibraphone.  This is a part of A Nordic Sound's Talent Inspiring Talent Program!